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I will never forget that day…

Mummy Ayanbamiji, my church’s youth leader who was also a worker at our school, Bowen University, Iwo called me. She said she would love to have a discussion with me. She asked me to come to her office whenever I was chanced.

Soon, I was on my way to her office, wondering deeply what the matter could be.

‘What does she want to discuss with me?’ I racked my brain several times.

After exchanging pleasantries, she gazed as me for quite a while, blushing shyly as she did. I still couldn’t wrap my head around what it was that she wanted to say. But when she started, it was my own turn to blush uncontrollably, obviously embarrassed at the surprisingly subject of discussion.

‘Sister Bola, have you started praying to know the Will of God in marriage at all?’ She had asked.

I was at the second year of my first degree at the university then and I kept wondering why she would ask me that kind of a question when she was supposed to encourage me to face my studies and serving the Lord more squarely.

When she saw that I was somewhat uncomfortable, she launched in even more confidently.

‘Don’t say you are too young. Don’t!  At your age, I had started praying to God about my marriage. I am not saying that you should go and marry now, no! I am saying you should be praying for your future now. Do you know that you can know things about your husband now?’ She asked and I was dazed.

‘Know things about him now before I even get to know him? How?’ I wondered

‘Really!’ I exclaimed and she nodded. 

‘When you start to pray early, you will have your facts about him readily given to you by God. That way, if men come to bombard you with marriage proposals, you would be able to stand tall and say a confident ‘Yes’ or ‘No’’.

I couldn’t believe my ears. 

If I had in fact heard that before from somewhere, it sounded so new to me that day.

‘And you see, Sister Bola, the way God is using you and will still use you in this generation, a time will come when many will want to get married to you and you might be tempted to play games and choose the best by your sight. See sister, you just must not miss it in marriage!’ She dropped like a bullet on my heart and that did it for me!

I didn’t know that God was using me in any way at that time, neither did I know that God was still going to use me in my generation for anything.

‘How? What do I have?’ I thought as I left her office that day.

It was that statement that hit me the most, coupled with the way she had enforced that statement that I just must not miss it.

I started praying from that time forward but it was like a little moment of rain drops- nothing serious.



Our God is a good God and He has graciously given unto us, His Holy Spirit, to guide us. He can do this in so many ways. One of those ways is sending one of His numerous children to pinch us to reality.

He could show a bit of our future to a son or daughter of His and allow such to inform us, directly or indirectly, to shield us from possible mistakes or carelessness or to place us on the right track.

One sad truth about we Christians many times is that, the Devil tends to know how great we are, how great a threat we pose at him and his works or how beautiful our futures are even before we get to realize this because WE DO NOT PRAY or we PRAY AMISS!

That is why we need to continually be in tune with the Lord! He keeps speaking to us! He is passionately interested in having an intimate relationship with us. But we must be ready to hear Him! We must be spiritually sensitive and alert to pick any signal, no matter how weak or strong that He drops on our ways! 

He could do this through many ways like:

• His Word: This is the best and most reliable Voice of God. When we hit a particular verse of the Scriptures and it hooks our minds, that might be the Lord calling our attention to something! That could be the Lord saying something to you. Dwell on it till you understand Him well!

Our Godly parents: If you are blessed with Godly biological, adoptive or spiritual parents, don’t get too overfamiliar with them. The Lord could use them to guide you unto the right paths. Take every of their Godly words, advice and counsels very seriously and ask the Lord to reveal more to you about them all. This does not in anyway validate all the counsels of our godly parents but we should not underrate them.

• His servants who He can send at any time to us: These could be pastors or our spiritual leaders, friends or even social media posts. They could share an experience or counsel with us directly or indirectly. Don’t be too in a haste to leave their presence and miss the heart of the matter. Ask the Lord to make your heart receptive to godly counsels that will shape your life exactly how the Lord intended it to be from the beginning. Prayer works! 

I really cannot forget that single experience with Mummy Ayanbamiji because it was a message that was directed wholly at me by the Holy Spirit. The last time I spoke with her about it, she had totally forgotten that she ever had such a conversation with me. Can you see that? 



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