THE TWO-EDGED SIN! (A short story)

How would you describe a woman who picks up her newborn, slices him with a saw, pounds the remains in a mortal and flushes everything down the toilet?
How would you describe her?
What would you do to her if you meet her?
Isn’t that gory?
But that’s how gruesome abortion is!
Last week, I had quite a number of messages bordering on abortions by well meaning Christians and I kept wondering if the standard had changed!
No it hasn’t!
Abortion is still as deadly as it really is. Its murder! Don’t call it sweet names! You aren’t any better than those who pick knives and pluck off the necks of their fellow humans!
I searched for abortions on Google and I felt like throwing up! The drug, injection or whatever method they use crushes the baby- the legs apart, head broken, stomach crushed, ah!!!
How heartless would a lady be to spread her legs wide, straighten an iron hanger and insert it in her privates to cut off the life of a mature foetus!
Then, the aborted five months old foetus is found in a bag the next morning covered with swarms of flies! I am not telling you fables, its damn true!
Oh gracious me!
The sad thing now is that many young ladies, even teenagers do not fear any longer!
When I was younger, I saw lots of movies and the way abortion was described was gory!
Perhaps our home videos have reduced the gravity of the abortion offence! Or we just aren’t talking about it anymore!
Okay, majority of abortions or thoughts of abortions are from single ladies who think the pregnancies are a disturbance to their careers and education and life in general!
Why would you take a snack to you nose when you have no plans of eating it??
Why would you open your legs when you aren’t ready to take responsibilities?
I have said it and I will keep repeating it. Sex before marriage is wrong no matter how anyone puts it!
The Bible calls it the sin against the body! You know what that means? What does the Bible describe our bodies as?
The Temple of God!
When you desecrate the House of God, what do you think? You’ve incurred God’s wrath!
Now, while bearing that wrath which you have barely confessed, you go ahead to commit another grave sin of murder!
Two major offences!
Two-edged sins!
Oh my oh my!
I must say at this point that no one is too anointed to avoid this mess! Anointing without self-control is equal to =Leaking Glory and eventual death of Glory like Samson if one is not careful!
When a guy touches you, you are set on fire but you stay in there alone with him, baby, you will soon roast with sinful passion!
He is your fiance and all, congratulations sister but don’t you get that it is exactly then you should be more careful?
You are treading on egg shells! Your desires and passion are towards this particular guy alone hence anything can happen!
When he calls you sweet names, swarms of colourful butterflies fly through your tummy!
When he mistakenly brushes his hand against yours, the birds that sing sweetly in the trees rush into your head!
But you keep visiting him all alone in the secret and dark places saying you are having some deliverance prayers together!
My sister, the devil is soaking your cane in hot pepper!
Saying ‘No’ to sexual sins takes the Grace of God but you also have a part to play! 
There is a part of purposing your heart that you will not defile yourself with the portion of the king’s meat! It takes discipline, self control, will power, determination!
Stop saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ ‘Nothing will happen’! Are you any wiser than that old, evil, tricky guy who’s been in existence for over 6000 years?
Ladies, when you feel the urge to have sex, you will likely get pregnant! Oh yes! 
Because, your libido heightens a great deal when you are ovulating!
And when you are ovulating, it means eggs are being released. If they meet some ‘lucky’ sperms on the way, hahaha, you shall be pregnant o!
And see, let me tell you this. I can now understand that no matter how young a lady or girl is, I should never underrate what she knows. Yes, people that I considered as babies have even gone under the knife four, five times!
That is why I am writing to you. You are in that corner right now and you have committed the stage one of the two edged sins!- premarital or extramarital sexual affair and you are pregnant!
Don’t abort it!
No, don’t!
And don’t give birth to it and throw it in the bin or in pigs’ sty or anything like that!
Apart from death, dangerous infections, removal of vital reproductive organs, the shame and conscience pricks, God’s wrath, should I tell you another danger you probably don’t know about abortion?
I will!
If you an O negative Blood carrier and the ‘impregnator’ has the O positive blood group, you might be in soup if you commit abortion!
Usually after delivery, an O negative mother gets an injection quickly. You know why? If she is carrying a baby with the O positive Blood group and she delivers, when the blood of the infant touches her thighs especially, they build antibodies that summarily prevent another pregnancy or if the pregnancy comes, it could be miscarriages all through!
Mummies that are committing abortions for their daughters because of the shame, ah, and you are religious leaders o! Should your daughter open your mouth to tell me: “Mama Lizzy, my mum knows about it. She took me to her sister who is a nurse” don’t you think that’s the real shame, ma? You are a disgrace to Christianity ma! God is more ashamed of you right now for misleading your daughter because of ‘What will people say!”
Mama, better go and confess your sins to your church elders so they could pray with you!
Ladies, when the blood of those aborted babies cry against you, you might cry all your life for lack of them! And if you eventually give birth, such children might be the pain in your neck!
Sisters that have decided to wait, asides from pleasing the Lord Almighty, you probably don’t know you are saving yourself a whole lot of trauma!
What am I saying in essence? If you have committed a part of the double edged sins, ensure you don’t go any further!
If you have done it before, don’t do it again! As simple as that!
And married people that are saying ‘Ah, this pregnancy isn’t planned o, I have six children already. To eat sef is a problem. My case is justifiable. I can terminate this pregnancy!’
No ma!
If you do not want the termination of your glory and life and destiny, don’t do that! Since you know you have six kids already, you should have taken precautions!
Since the baby has stayed, mama, celebrate him! If your husband says he will leave you if you don’t abort it, pray to God to touch him o. It is better to defy man than to incur the wrath of God upon oneself!
He that covereth his sins shall not prosper! (His glory will keep leaking) but he that CONFESSETH and FORSAKETH them shall have mercy (A total restoration of the lost glory!)
Tell God about your sin now!
And stop it!
C’mon stop it Christian!
What are you doing???
Pregnancy is not a disease!
Give birth to that child!
Give it a chance to live!
Don’t kill it!
Stop the killing!
That child may be your saviour later in life!
God has great plans for him too!
Bear the shame of your sins and have the wonderful baby!
He that toils with the two-edged sins might get wounded by the Two-Edged Sword!

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